Start Earning Up to AED 3,000/Month From the Comfort of Your Home Today!

Start Earning Up to AED 3,000/Month From the Comfort of Your Home Today!

Are you interested in converting your free hours into money? Whether you are a homemaker, a student, or a working person, anyone could do this in your spare time.

We are presenting you with a free-to-use social commerce platform that you can use whenever you have free time, with no qualifications, expertise, and no investment required.

The more time you invest, the extra you earn. It’s that simple!

People are relying on online purchasing platforms more than ever since the pandemic and many are using this opportunity to develop their own online businesses.

With the advancement in technology and the growing trend of “everything online,” you may also start your own online business from the comfort of your home.

Yes, you can also start earning up to AED 3,000 per month from today! Erfa, the UAE’s first free social commerce platform, assists you in starting your own online business and earning money from the comfort of your own home using your smartphone.

We can teach you how to start your own home boutique business online by performing three simple steps. To learn how to start your online business using the Erfa Home Boutique App, visit our website.

It is very simple to earn weekly using Erfa platform. Here are some unique advantages of Erfa to help you comprehend it better: 

No Investment Needed!

Every business requires an initial capital to get started, but there is none required for an online business using Erfa platform. Also, the expense of making a product, keeping inventories, and investing in all the tools and resources is avoided because you have it all on our platform, and we facilitate the products for you to start your business with no investment. You will just browse the products of your choice on Erfa platform and share them with your customers, adding your own margin on each product. No hassle of capital investment for stocking products. Erfa has all the kinds of products for women’s fashion accessories, clothes, home utility shoes, bags, etc. Just browse our catalog and find thousands of products.

No Worries about Shipping & Delivery

Once you have shared a product to your customer through any social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and once you get your orders, we at Erfa take care of the shipping and delivery.

Our platform will allow you to track the item until it’s delivered to your customer at no extra effort from you. With just one click of a button, you are able to service your customer until delivery/refund/exchange.

Variety of Products to Sell

Your online business powered by Erfa will allow you to promote (by sharing) a huge variety of products which is not possible otherwise for an individual to keep such vast stock. You can promote anything to anyone at your comfort and earn you own margin.

Women’s clothing, Women’s fashion accessories, makeup & accessories, electronics, smartphones, stationery items, women’s bags, shoes, home clothing collections, Arab fashion clothing are the most relevant product categories in Erfa.

Free to Set Your Own Margin

The profit margin on the items you promote through your social media pages or groups is entirely up to you. The more products you share and convince your customer to buy, the more money you will make.

It’s important to remember that neither overpricing nor underpricing should be entertained. You may do your research to set your own margin on top of Erfa wholesale pricing to make it competitive in the market.

Erfa Does Not Reveal Your Product Sourcing to Your Customers

Erfa will be your back-end supplier for all the products under one roof. Erfa sources all kinds of varieties of products from worldwide at wholesale price and lists on our platform. Erfa gives you free access to all these products at wholesale price, and you can set your own margin and promote through your family and friends over Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp, or any social platforms. Erfa does not reveal the source of the product to your customer, and the customer is seeing your online business as the source. So you are protected for your wholesale rates that we give only to our members.

Why wait, lets’ start

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