How Does It Work​

Erfa is the #1 trusted business app for home sellers in the UAE that helps you earn additional income every day from the comfort of your home!. No joining fees, No investment, no risks!

Here is how Erfa works in three easy steps!

How Does It Work​

Experience a social community led ecommerce experience that will change with way you sell online

Step 1: Browse

First you download the Erfa app from play store or the App store and register for free with your mobile number.

Then, browse through the available collections and categories of high-quality products that have been sourced from our reliable UAE Based suppliers.

Step 2: Share

Once you decide what can be sold, share it with your online community of friends and family through WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Step 3: Earn

When your customer confirms to buy, you can add your own profit margin on every item and place the order on the Erfa app.

And now Erfa takes care of all shipping, delivery, tracking and payment collections. This allows you to focus on what you love the most which is Earning!

Every Thursday is payday with Erfa!

As an Erfa Boutique, we will transfer your profit margins every Thursday to your bank account for all orders which have been successfully delivered!

What are you waiting for? Download Erfa and start earning today!

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